Loch Tummel

I was put into contact with Dean Dunbar,  an awesome paddler, who stand up paddleboarded from Uist to St kilda, an awesome achievement, and after he told me that, I thought errrr, I m a bit rubbish at paddling…..

I m glad I had the chance to meet him, because even now I can remember ever place name on that loch – Picasso, tarzans house and the one on the right the marajauna mansion, what an epic way to name a Loch.

This was the 1st day of paddling with Kirsten, I had decided to go to Loch Tummel, the wind was westerly and I thought what an easy paddle, you know, Lochs are easy,  easier than the sea, I thought. Nope, they are not, they are a lot harder to predict and paddle.

This is the training base of Dean and I reckon if he goes up and down there a lot, he is a monster man of a paddler.

Any way here is my next video – dedicated the kind and lovely Dunbar’s – Rhona and Dean…


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