Scotland Trip

End of October I went to Scotland, to search out some ideas for my new business idea, wilderness camping and stand up paddle boarding.

Kirsten and I have done this for a few years, with stand up paddle boards, we enjoy the thought of journeying and wild camping. Scotland being the ideal place. Its accessible and there are places that are truly remote.

Last year we headed to the Moror pennisula, we had wanted to go to Airisaig, but the weather gods were not with us. So like every good plan it changed to suit the weather.

We managed to get perfect weather and winds to do a down wind at Loch Treig, walk to the hostel in Loch Ossian and down wind back up Loch Ossian the day after. We were truly luck with the conditions.


On the way to Loch Ossian

Video of the Trip

The GPS route to Loch Ossian


After such a such a successful few days we went into to Glen Affric, and had wanted to down wind and wild camp on the Loch. However, the van gods were against us, and I had to be towed to Fort Augustus.  However, we did manage to get out stand up paddling on Loch Ness on some of the most pristine conditions that I have seen there….


So that was the premature end to the trip, the good thing is that Scotland will always be there, and I have the time to go back.

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