Mummy on tour

That’s it… I’ve done it…I m on my 2 week solo paddle pilgrimage to the paddle capital of the world.. Scotland….and not a car seat in sight.

The van…the gear…not a car seat in sight

That’s right Scotland…. with weather; beaches; rivers; wind; lochs; camping what’s not to love.. and here I am in November…why? Because there are no midges…my hatred for those wee black beasties is enough to make me endure a bit of weather.

The first few days were spent coming up the North East coast of scotland and eating and visiting #trout #loco. Mainly eating though.

Dunston sands was my 1st stop. A nice bay protected from the cross shore wind. I took my nelo out but ended up sup surfing the break…rather badly due to my fear of falling in and getting chilly…. but after realising that the water was not mercury…I got into it…. 

Blue on salmon pink

Next stop Belhaven. The plan was to get there at night and sup surf early doors… but my tyre blow and subsequent road closure put an end to that plan. Its ok I missed a peeling wave and jumping porpoises… not annoyed at all….


Belle Bellhaven

Club sandwiches are the best

Early but not early enough

However, I did meet up with a group of fine local surfskiers from Dunbar; Lizzie Kemp the machine woman surfskier who gently shouted me onto some great sets; I was super stoked to be paddling along a strong women paddle; strong in every sense and I kinda like that in a woman.. I ll be seeing her more often as I try to paddle alongside her. Something I want to do…a decent goal.

The session was finished by some awesome cake and coffee…man I miss proper cake.

Then back at it…too bellhaven and a nice sunset SUP surf. Better than nothing… no porpoises at all…

Nice hat

nice hat only at loco

Next stop Downwinding on the clyde…..

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