Ile de groix

Next on the list of island discovery in bretagne was ile de groix…. situated just opposite Lorient….

I had the opportunity to paddle a nelo 520 from Port Louis in the morbihan to Ile de groix…..

Total distance was about 24km…. 

On the way there the wind made for a bit of work….

But on the way back aided by 2 beers I was able to catch a few runners….pretty nice day…

Iles des glenan

To continue our staycation we took a trip to iles des glenans. 

The paddle was fairly easy; we were able to paddle between the islands in the morning whilst everyone was taking their afternoon apero; we paddle to the sand bank and lay on there for a few hours.

The wind picked up on the way back making for a strenuous return. But it was worth it….and I would recommend it to any other paddlers…

The next time we will take the surfski and oc1!