Paddle Race

It has been 3 weeks since my paddle race weekend. But in between then and now my youngest caught foot n mouth 🤗. 

1st race was on the saturday. The Te Alto race was a mixed boat race, a combo of OC and surfski. First impressions, I was a bit dissappointed it wasn’t a downwind, a big triangular course meant I was going to be up wind; side wind and then a-just-off the bow wind…fustrating.  And that was just about right.  6km slog upwind then trying to find a good run on the way back… 14km later I finished. But it was satisfying to finish… 14km….

SUNDAY, the day after was the Beg Meil paddle cup…A family affair and a fairly managable 6km. 1st outing on my new 14′ bic tracer.   The race was fairly non descript a bit of a downwind but fairly short. More importantly it was a chance to hang with the friends in my 2nd backgarden in Concarneau…plus I won some booties! 

More importantly my friend Sandrine came 3rd in her class…so big up her!!!

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