Chasing Seals

Thursday morning sans enfants and the cleaner is in. So I have to excuse myself from the house.. I barely have my shit together with children I m not about to do a dance with the dyson… leave it to the professionals….

So this means wednesday night planning on #windty where to go…? Northerly winds means I can go to the holy grail of islands up here in #payspagan….Stagadon…

By time I got to the shoreline I was dreaming of a surfski about 10kg lighter…I love my boat but she could be lighter….but kudos to epic the V7 has taken so many knocks.

The trip was only 6 / 7 km but was pretty spectacular.. I was able to see a seal skulking around…

Once I arrived on stagadon it was deserted…except for the house…apparently its owned by a charity and its a bit out if boubds…shame …..I could have stayed a bit longer….but before long 20 teenage kids arrived… which prompted me to leg it and continue my circuit…  so I completed a circuit of the islands….

I had a bit of company in a seal…the 1st one this season… 

All in all a good morning paddle….

My next mission is to find an island I can #bivvy on…maybe enjoy some beers…. 

Route to Stagadon

On the way there….

Back of the island


Percy Paddler

White on blue

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