The Wind

This week with the crap weather and swell I have been out surfsking….and have been training for my first 14km surfski race in Finstere, France (Where I live). Named Ti Alto, and organised by the Combrit va’a club Its a 14km circuit I hope, so yup,  I’ve been trying to push myself a bit and did 2 paddles, one 14km in my local bay and the 2nd one an upwind / downwind in the local river aber w’rach, that was insane and actually bloody exhausting….50km head winds, but I made it, 4 km up wind and 4 km, I didn’t have the energy to do any more, and in the back of my head, knowing it was 8pm I knew I needed some energy to get my 3 year into bed, and actually stay there…..

So that was this week…. I have added some photos and GPS tracks for those who like to see, as you can see I am slow, but that is ok….cause in my head I am as fast a cheetah…that has been sedated….“>Guisseny Paddle – 14km“>Paddle of purgatory

The photos above are of the Aber w’rach, I wish there was a wind filter, So much wind……………………….

so that was my 1st blog, now I have to go get the girl……from school, enough paddle talk and now on to peppa pig….

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