I heart Scotland


I have tried to live in Scotland varies times, but it has broken me, I have figured Scotland is best served on Holiday, and on paddling holidays… There is no better place.

Every October I make a pilgrimage to Scotland, to paddle….There is no plan, although where there is less rain is probably the best plan…..

Last October and friend I drove to Fort William, had a look at the weather and made a plan…..

The plan that we hatched was to drive to Glenuig and go from there, we knew there was a bunk house there, so off we went.  The plan was to paddle (SUP) to the bothy opposite and then to bunk at the bunk house.

So off we set to the bothy, the currents were pretty rad and strong, but we made it. The Peanmeanach Bothy was an old fishing community that had been abandoned. A great location for a stay over night, and a possibility to venture further up the coast, but as we had the thought of the Glenuig bunk house to sleep in, next to a pub, so we paddled back .

Imagine our disappointment when we were asked to pay 30pounds each for the privilege of staying the bunkhouse….plan aborted and onto find somewhere less expensive, and more wild.

To Peanmeanach Bothy – https://www.strava.com/activities/766584364/embed/e3e43b950f5c7ca025771e780a73b32c5dccf01a




Peanmeanach Bothy


Peanmeanach Bothy Beach


Glen Ailort


better than a 30pound a night




Looking across Kentra Bay – towards the singing sands


Castle Tioram


Loch Miodart


Castle Miodart


Loch Sunart


Loch Sunart


Last morning brew 



The Wind

This week with the crap weather and swell I have been out surfsking….and have been training for my first 14km surfski race in Finstere, France (Where I live). Named Ti Alto, and organised by the Combrit va’a club Its a 14km circuit I hope, so yup,  I’ve been trying to push myself a bit and did 2 paddles, one 14km in my local bay and the 2nd one an upwind / downwind in the local river aber w’rach, that was insane and actually bloody exhausting….50km head winds, but I made it, 4 km up wind and 4 km, I didn’t have the energy to do any more, and in the back of my head, knowing it was 8pm I knew I needed some energy to get my 3 year into bed, and actually stay there…..

So that was this week…. I have added some photos and GPS tracks for those who like to see, as you can see I am slow, but that is ok….cause in my head I am as fast a cheetah…that has been sedated….

https://www.strava.com/activities/1055545757/embed/0e523f3c1f745e0747d18e4da0b43d4d5d8adebf“>Guisseny Paddle – 14km

https://www.strava.com/activities/1058585056/embed/00cf33372c321d38dfeb65b140c5efe8eb24bf9c“>Paddle of purgatory

The photos above are of the Aber w’rach, I wish there was a wind filter, So much wind……………………….

so that was my 1st blog, now I have to go get the girl……from school, enough paddle talk and now on to peppa pig….